Environ Skin Care Products & Accessories

Our clinic are the proud distributors of Environ’s product range including the renowned vitamin A step-up range of skincare products ensuring our clients are provided a complete and trusted home skincare system that has proven results! Purchases can be made by popping in store or online here https://parkridgeskin.myshopify.com/

One of the world’s leading skincare products that you will not find on the beauty counters!

AVST 1 has won Stylist Magazine’s Product of the Year!!!

Environ creams are vitamin and antioxidant based, using highly active ingredients, mainly vitamin A, C and E with highly effective antioxidants combined to give you RESULTS.

Environs goal is to replenish your skin and replace the nutrients that has been taken out through sun damage and ageing. It has a corrective effect, to help repair, heal and protect from further free radical damage and help stimulate your natural collagen and elastin production.

Environ cannot be ordered online. It is a consultation only product line due to the very high levels of active ingredients.

We also provide a range of skin care accessories available for purchase that enhance your product absorption such as:

  1. Dermal Rollers
  2. Dermal Roller Atomizers
  3. Electronic Cleansing Brushes


At the core of the Environ range is the Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ which can be found in the essential skin care Skin EssentiA and Youth EssentiA ranges. This unique system was created to help skin become more comfortable with vitamin A and other ingredients before it is introduced to the next level with a higher concentration of active ingredients. This helps skin be reborn, looking healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.

Our skin needs to become accustomed to extra vitamins being applied to it, particularly vitamin A which is vital for its health, radiance and youthfulness. Environ’s range of moisturisers in the Essential Skin Care segment contains a series of products with increasing amounts of vitamin A as well as other vitamins and antioxidants.

  1. After pre-cleansing, cleansing and toning with Environ products start with the lowest moisturiser in the series (this contains the lowest amount of vitamin A) or the product which has been prescribed for you by your skin technician . Clients are advised to become completely comfortable with the ingredients before moving on to the next level.
  2. Moving on to the next level moisturiser is easy with the step-up in vitamin A. By introducing the new  strength of VitA in the evening skincare regime you can gently introduce the new dose of VitA dosage  while continuing to use the current level of a morning.
  3. Continue this process until the top level of the STEP-UP SYSTEM is reached, at the highest level products contain the highest amounts of vitamin A and antioxidants.
  4. You will notice your skin becoming progressively smoother, younger and more radiant looking. Once the highest level has been reached skin should look and feel the best it can be.
  5. You should maintain this skin care regime, and can add on extra products from the other ranges to boost their regime and target particular skin care concerns.
  6. The Intensives range is available at any time to quickly address changes caused by seasonal, hormonal or times of stress.
  7. Implementing home rolling with a needling device allows for maximum penetration and efficacy of your prescribed products.