Skin Cancer Prevention & Protecting Your Skin

Living in Queensland, many of us have an outdoor lifestyle, and most likely we have experienced some form of excess UV exposure.  The doctors consulting at Park Ridge Skin Clinic believe education is key in preventing further UV damage, and also to provide awareness as to the various treatments available to reverse some of the damage already caused, Hats and Sunscreen can prevent damage, and vitamin rich cosmeceuticals  containing Vitamin A as well as in clinic treatments help to reverse the existing damage.

Important facts on protection your skin and preventing skin cancer

  • Sun avoidance between the hours of 10-2 is important
  • Always wear a broad brimmed hat during sun exposure
  • Always apply lip balm and SPF 50+ sunscreen Mild sun damage can be reversed with vitamin A creams and sunscreen
  • Moderate to severe sun damage can be reversed with laser treatment and chemical peels
  • Developing a daily regime of sun protection, sunscreen and Vitamins for your skin can help reduce future damage, and can prevent or reduce skin cancer development

How can you perform your own self check?

The ABCDE guidelines provide a useful way to monitor your skin and detect the early signs of skin cancer and melanoma. Please note that this is just a guide and melanoma may present with different characteristics. This is why it is important to have your annual skin check.


                   ABCDE Guide                                                                      Self Check Guide

ABCDE Skin Cancer Check                                      Skin Cancer Self Check

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