An Iron infusion is a procedure where the total calculated dose of iron is infused intravenously.

You may require iron infusion if you:

  • Can’t tolerate oral iron and have adverse effects from it,
  • you have a malabsorption syndrome where gut does not absorb enough iron,
  • have increased blood loss, in cases where we need to increase the iron levels fast to avoid medical complications or blood transfusions,

A consultation is required prior to booking for an iron infusion hence 2 appointments:

  • Appointment 1 your Doctor will discuss and determine your eligibility Standard to Long Consultation $90 – $155 with a Medicare Rebate that alters depending on consult length.
  • Appointment 2  $155 – $195 depending on the length of your appointment.

Iron infusions are offered by Dr Alison Holmes, Dr Jon Ong, Dr Misha Datta, Dr Teresa Ea & Dr Sasangee at Park Ridge.