Laser Treatment of Veins Park Ridge

How does the laser treatment work?

Our Cynosure NdYAG laser emits a wavelength of laser  light which passes through the skin and selectively heats up the targeted blood vessels closing them. Chilled air passing over the treatment area protects the upper layer of the skin to minimize any discomfort & side effects.


What can I expect during the procedure?

The treatment feels like a rubber band snapping.  Any discomfort can be eased with the application of cold compresses before and after treatment.


How can I prepare for treatment?

Sun exposure should be avoided 1 -2 weeks before and after treatment. Any supplements that thin the blood (Vit E, Omega 3 oil supplements) should be stopped at least 5days prior to your veins treatment to avoid excessive bruising. Arrive at your appointment well hydrated for best results.


What can I expect after treatment?

The treated veins may be slightly raised and feel warm. It is important not to do any heat inducing activities for 2 days after treatment to avoid re-opening the veins. The treated veins will become less obvious after 1 -2 weeks. Side effects are few and may include redness, swelling, blistering and bruise in the treated area – these usually do not last more than few days. However be sure to consult your doctor when in doubt.