Cosmetic Mole Removal


You don’t have to live with unsightly, raised moles/skin tags or warts on your face, neck or body and you don’t have to undergo the knife, scalpel or stitches to have the moles removed.

Cosmetic Mole Removal is a delicate radio-frequency procedure that removes benign (non-cancerous) moles or skin tags. No scalpels or stitches which means smoother final result for you.

In the sunny Australian climate moles are often common.  The vast majority of moles that appear on the skin before the age of 30 are commonly non-cancerous, but can cause irritation on the skin or be a cosmetic nuisance, especially those on the face or neck.

Using the high-tech gold standard Surgitron machine there is no cutting or sutures required.

This is a  walk-in walk-out procedure, with little aftercare required.

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