Attending Doctors, consulting at Park Ridge, offer a variety of contraception services.

All doctors supported by Park Ridge Medical offer general medication and injection contraception, however please speak to reception if you require Long Acting Contraception Choices, and they can recommend you a doctor who can provide this medical service.

Contraceptive Implant 

If you are looking for a family planning method that is highly effective and does not require you to keep a regular routine, the contraceptive implant may be a good option.

The implant is a thin, flexible, plastic rod (4cm x 2mm), about the size of a matchstick, which contains the hormone progestogen.

The implant prevents pregnancy by releasing small but constant amounts of the hormone into the body via the bloodstream. The hormone blocks ovulation (the release of eggs from the ovaries) and it also thickens the mucus at the cervix so that sperm cannot get through to meet an egg. The implant lasts for three years, but it is easily reversible if you no longer want it.

The contraceptive implant is a very effective type of contraception (>99.9%). It is more reliable than the contraceptive pill, as you won’t need to remember to take a pill at the same time every day. You should not use this contraceptive method if you do not want your periods to change. It does not protect against contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or HIV/AIDS.

This service is offered by most GPs who consult at Park Ridge.

Implant Consultation & Treatment will require 2 appointments with your Doctor.

  • An initial consultation of up to 30 mins which costs $145 with a  Medicare rebate available.
  • A Procedural Appointment of up to 30 mins costs $190 with a Medicare Rebate available.

IUD (Intrauterine Device)

There are 3 forms of intrauterine contraception available in Australia: the copper IUD and 2 different hormonal IUDs. One hormonal IUD is slightly smaller in size and has less hormones than the other. Each of them is long-acting, reversible and effective forms of contraception that work to prevent pregnancy.

Key information

  • More than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy
  • Last between five to ten years, depending on type chosen
  • Chances of getting pregnant return to normal as soon as it is removed
  • Cost-effective when compared to other methods due to how long protection lasts
  • ‘Set-and-forget’ method, so great for regular travellers and women would prefer not to adhere to a daily method
  • Nylon strings can be adjusted to suit your body and should not be felt by either partner during sex

IUDs do not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or HIV/AIDS and condoms should be used if you are at risk.

IUD consultation & treatment will required 2 appointments with your Doctor.

  • An initial consultation of up to 30 mins which costs $145 with a Medicare Rebate available.
  • A Procedural Appointment of up to 1 hour which costs $295 with a Medicare Rebate available.

This service is offered by  the following attending doctors, Dr Alison Holmes, Dr Misha Datta and Dr Sasangee  Hemachandra.

To Book simply call the clinic on 3802 0899 or use the link below or book now button above: