Mole Mapping

Mole Mapping is total body photography for the early detection of melanoma or skin cancer and is a service being offered here at Park Ridge Family Practice.  Mole Mapping is the most advanced, web-based system for capturing and analyzing full-body images, storing images of different body parts, and evaluating new or changing lesions. The systems  tool evaluates skin conditions, such as skin cancers, acne, eczema, psoriasis, wound healing, and treatment processes.

By finding new or changing lesions, Mole Mapping helps avoid unnecessary biopsies and provides a smart, easy-to-use, effective solution for lesion detection.

MoleMatch automatically detects and matches skin lesions from similar images taken at two (or more) different times. The matched lesions are sorted based on the amount of change in their size and color to help doctors find the lesions that have changed most.


  • Lesion detection and matching between similar body part images
  • Lesion sorting based on amount of change
  • Detection of newly appeared or disappearing lesions
  • Simultaneous zoom to same location in multiple images
  • Management and tracking of suspicious lesions for further monitoring

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